I am fricken amazing… See below for proof

I was having lunch with a dear friend of mine earlier this week when she said something that inspired me to write a blog. I don’t remember her exact words (cause i’m neither a wizard nor stenographer), but it was something along the lines of how awesome I am, and that I’m lucky to have such an exciting life. My reply was something along the lines of ‘Yeah right, my life’s pretty standard.’

But then I started thinking about all the stuff I am doing, one by one, and then I was like ‘Hey. I am pretty impressive.” And so over the last couple of days I’ve half constructed a list of impressive stuff I’ve done this week, and yeah, I feel good. And to be honest the only thing that I would change about my life right now is that I’d add having this guy apply for permanent residency in my bed…or this guy or even him.   So if you’ve been having a crap day//week//year, just make a list on a scrap piece of paper (or on the internet) and even include all the stupid little things like finding 5c pieces that you don’t think even count. Cause it counts. It all counts. pennies in the bank 🙂

This week I

  • Got neglected by the Easter Bunny and didn’t make a scene.
  • After years of being tickle-tortured I discovered one of my work buddies is as ticklish as me. Bwah ha ha.
  • Finally scored a night off training. I celebrated by running til I couldn’t breathe.
  • Express posted my inspirational friend her inspirational present. And prayed every day since that she gets it before she leaves for worlds.
  • Set up a monthly World Vision donation.
  • Resisted the urge to spend ten grand on a piece of toast.
  • Returned to crack of dawn swimming training && survived.
  • Had breakfast with my dearest friend and had an incredibly loud conversation about our sex lives.
  • Stayed up til almost midnight catching up with another friend….talking about our sex lives.
  • Noticed a common trend in my conversations.
  • Watched all of Geordie Shore (<3 Charlotte…Although her && the parsnip hit a familiar nerve)…then returned to reality.
  • Joined the AGT team && got to perform for  TV.
  • Gave myself a DIY spray tan and didn’t turn the bathroom orange, or make a total mess of myself.
  • Applied for a big girl job.
  • Did my first breakfast show without any notes or deleting any talk breaks.
  • Bought a rad bikini for my annual 21st.
  • Made a mental wish list of BM stuff I want
  • Scored myself a lot of chicken for $20
  • Came to the realization that Kmart is my favourite shop. (They have soooo much cheap house stuff)
  • Bought Easter eggs for $1.65…from Kmart.
  • Thanked god a million times for how sweet life is right now, and that my hard work is paying off in so many ways.
  • Made an effort to thank everyone who has helped me out this week.
  • Finally returned to tumbling (oh how a week can seem like an eternity)
  • Ate my weight in fish oil tablets so that my body can have super healing powers.
  • Waited patiently for my wolf hat….

The final gorge.

Im now in my last week at the parental nest. I’ve found a new one, with real grown ups, and a pool. As such. I will become a real grown up…with a pool.

So I’m taking this opportunity to gorge on the plethora of junk food contained in the parental nest.  Being a poor uni student, my post-parental diet will surely consist of two minute noodles, cat food, and beans.

So due to the fact I will be unable to justify and//or afford junk food when I leave home, I’m taking full advantage of the opportunity to inhale as much as possible over the next few days.

Including, but not limited to, chocolate as a staple for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dorito’s and dessert spoonfuls of nutella for second lunch.

And jatz && dip for second dinner.

Apologies to all if I get fat and//or repulsive.

Nat 🙂

Nest Hunt

So as some of you may know, I am on the hunt for a new nest. Which as such has led to several conversations about the type of nest I want to relocate to, and what other inhabitants I’d like to live with.

My first comment was. “I don’t want to live with ugly people”. And no offense to any potential roomies, but generally, if you’re frightfully unattractive and//or smell weird, you’re likely to be a social retard and I don’t think we’ll have much in common.

My friend then pointed out,  “you don’t want to live with hot people either, things could get weird.” And I agree completely. I would hate life for sure if I lived in a house full of supermodel types. My days would be spent in my room, hating life and raging at god for not blessing me with perfect genetics or at least the desire to brush my hair and wear makeup more than twice a week.

So yeah, normal people would be great. I could deal with normal, awesome people.


I don’t want to share a bed with you.

Problem number two, there appears to be a trend in student sharehousing for not only sharing a house, but also sharing a room.

In one case, a bed.

I checked out this amazing looking house today, even to look at I was like ‘out of my price range//there’s a catch here.’

The catch being, share a bed with a Taiwanese girl I don’t even know, and my only “solo space” being my desk.

I’m sure she’s lovely. But my bed is reserved for “boyfie” and my giant rabbit. I feel the only people who should have to endure me while I sleep (&& snore//dribble like the world is ending) are people I’m dating or giant stuffed animals.

I also don’t like the idea of having a random sleeping in a separate bed in the corner of my room which appears to be another trend.

“You’ll have the room to yourself, but a complete stranger will come and go//just sleep here. He doesn’t need any space.”

No thanks.

My last issue is that I don’t want to live in a scrub shack that smells weird and is busted up and dirty.

Which rules out living with about 85% of the male population.  (No offence boys, but you’re all pretty gross.)

I’m now at a point where I have ruled out living in around 90% of the student accommodation available. And so I continue my search for the holy grail of share housing.

I also wish myself luck.

So to my future housemates, I look forward to meeting you, maybe I met you today, maybe I’ll never meet you, pike out, and continue living in the parental back yard. But I doubt it. Most of all, stay cool. And hygienic. If you get ugly or dirty…we can’t be friends.

❤ Nat

p.s If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you have an opinion. >>Comment<<


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