After almost 12 hours in the air, I finally landed in LA. Watching the sunrise was incredible, and there were these two islands off the coast of LA that I feel I need to know more about. After leaving Brisbane at 11am on Wednesday, I arrived in California 12 hours later at 7am on Wednesday. See kids, time-travel is possible, its just not as fun as TV makes it out to be.

I was so thankful that I was able to check in my giant wheelie 12 hours before my flight, I was not looking forward to hanging out with him all day. Although im pretty sure I’ll be doing that tomorrow. So far so good, the locals have made a great first impression, everyone is super nice and calls you ma’am and sir, just like on tv. Icing on the cake, it only took 5 minutes of being here before I heard someone get called guuuuuuurrrrrrlllll. Made my morning. Oooh and then when I went through security they made me take off my shoes and it was the greatest feeling ever.

Then came the fun bit. How to kill 12 hours in an airport terminal. I contemplated checking in to a hotel, but it hardly seemed worth out when you can sleep on the floor for free. Plus there that whole. ‘2pm check in’ business. So I would have been sleeping on the floor anyway. I can survive without a bed til tomorrow night. Mickey and I set up camp near one of the many power points provided by Delta (thanks Delta). They even have usb chargers if you’re unprepared and don’t have a plug. We not so strategically sat near a group of super historical creationists, and in all fairness eavesdropping on them was entertaining, but the threat of losing intelligence is a very real threat,  sooooooo I brought this guy for some light reading. 


It wasn’t long before I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and before I knew it I was on the floor,  in public sleep mode, clutching to my belongings for dear life. FYI pillow pets are sooooooo much better than travel pillows. Although It was a pretty broken floor sleep, I really felt a million times better.  I was also able to crack my back properly for the first time since leaving Brisbane.


After my nap I watched a Louis Theroux doco, and I’ll admit I may have dropped back into slumber town for about 15 minutes in the middle,  but I will be watching it again later.

I looked up from my Facebooking to find I had company.  A bounding and bouncing little girl called Sophie who had come over to the window to watch the plane stock up for their flight. 
“That one is a Mommy plane, ” she informed me,  “that’s my plane and its going to Hawaii!”
I asked her if she could see any Daddy planes, and she pointed to one of the other large planes driving past the terminal. 


Mommy plane getting packed for the flight.

Her Nanna asked if there were any Sophie planes? 
“They’re flying in the sky already,  they’ve already gone.”
What amazed me was that even though she was very well spoken, especially for someone who looked around 4, she didn’t appear to have an accent. She just sounded like a kid.
We introduced her too Mickey, surprise surprise she fell in love, and was pretty impressed with his pillow abilities.

While they bonded, and Sophie taught Mickey a thing or two about bouncing and flying, her Nanna struck up chat about what brought me out from Australia,  and asked if I was here for a sporting event because I looked athletic.  I told her about how im from Team Australia and im here for Worlds.
To which she replied
“OH MY GOD, that means you’re going to be on TV!”

I was so relieved to be in a country where people actually get it that I could have kissed her.
I told her about how the Australian public doesn’t get it, and as soon as you say Cheerleading you’re met with one of three responses.
‘Thats like bring it on right? ‘
‘So…who do you cheer for?  Football or basketball?’
‘Does that mean you get paid?’ which is always followed by ‘why would you do it then? ‘
Even when you tell the general public that you’re going to Workd Championships as part of the national team, quite often you’re met with an,
“Oh Thats nice then *insert patronising tone*.’

We chatted a bit more until it was time for them to board.  Sophie thanked me for sharing my Mickey and the family wished me luck.  Might have scored myself some local viewers. 

As the sun is setting here in LA. and I try to stop myself from falling asleep before my flight in an hours time so I can be a decent human when I land.

In the meantime im having a fun time listening to some local rant about how Jesus of Nazareth is a metaphor for justice,  and how some Baptist man who makes planes go real fast is our reincarnate saviour messiah.  This guys duty is to tell us that America cannot be saved and we cannot win this war.

Save me Darwin.



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