Natventure: En route

So the trip to worlds has begun, but not the fun bit. Actually doesn’t feel real yet, not helped by the epic plane ride that comes with competing over the other side of the world. Its not as small as people lead you to believe.
On the upside they have a large amount of Simpson’s episodes on the plane, and the stars shine so much brighter over the ocean away from civilization. On top of that, the beaches and islands off the Brisbane coast look incredible, and have shot right to the top of my to-do list. Asap before it gets all wintery…not that Queensland gets winter,  actually thanks to mother nature and the flooding, winter has given us more sign than summer.

Downside: Apparently the natural over the counter “won’t get me in trouble at comp stuff” isn’t enough to knock out the epic ulcer pain. I actually can’t wait to have a big girl job so I can not fly cattle class anymore.  That,  and I’m totally hoping LAX has some sort of massage facility.  

Apparently i’ve done well, the people next to me have been super normal, not a crying baby in sight,  and the food has actually been pretty good.  The key is to ask for gluten free, then they give you healthy stuff instead of space food.   Well the next day or so is really going to test my abilities to stave off cabin fever.  I’ll be spending over 24 hours playing the ‘waiting at the airport’ game. If they don’t have WiFi or somewhere I can get my hands on a SIM card I’m going to neck myself.

On the upside I’ll have plenty of time to catch up//get ahead on uni work. I shall refrain from boring you all further with tales from the least exciting bit of the trip. Just putting it out there.
Fix + is amazing for plane rides, my skin is holding up strong against the dry aircon. Product suggestion for MAC, create Fix ++ that prevents against ulcer pain,  insomnia. And general 12 hour flight discomfort.  

Check back soon .  
♥ Nat & Mickey


No sleep and no lie downs make a sad Natty


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