I am a bad person

And to be honest a terrible bloggger. 

and student

and employee

and a bit of a shit friend too. 

It has been lord knows how long since I last posted, and if it weren’t for wordpress eating several of my attempts to please the 2, perhaps 3 people who care about what i write, this may not have been such a mass issue. 

Long story short.

I’ve been busy.

Insane busy. 

Apparently juggling 4 jobs, a degree, training commitments, dating and seeing friends results in one forgetting to do things such as sleep or pay for your health insurance. 

Speaking of. 

If anyone knows of any awesome providers that are cheap but offer rad extra’s like mass amounts of physio…comment below. ASAP

Speaking of being indecisive. 

Apparently there’s an election on tomorrow. 

And to be frightfully honest, I don’t actually know who to vote for. 

I’ve had several chats with several people over the last few days and so far the best choice is to draw a box at the bottom of the ballot and vote for Batman

In all honesty, I don’t know who I want running this state, cause I have absolutely no idea what’s in it for me if I vote for (insert candidate). I sure as hell know what they won’t do, cause every goddamn ad and campaign is focused on throwing hate and telling me how rubbish the other guy is. Rather than telling me what you’ll do for me. 

Good mate of mine put forth the idea that voting for Bob Katter might be a go. Seeing as how he’s the most socially backwards guy in the race, it might be amusing to see how badly he makes a mess of the place. Sounds like a plan. Vote for the worst possible guy, skip town, and watch on from a distance. 

Batman would make a good Premier. 

In other news. 

I’m in a similar position with this whole Kony 2012 thing. Not sure if I wanna donate money to a guy who was caught masturbating in public,  has a fetish for knocked up women, and whose son’s middle name is danger. I DO wanna buy him a drink though, with a possible hi5 for being an utter nutcase and all round good entertainment value. 

I think I’ll just carry on giving my dollars to World Vision. 

Highlight of the week. 

Bought a wolf hat. 

Life is good.

Til next time

Nat ❤

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